The Data Day Texas 2024 Partners

Data Day Texas is possible because of the generous support from the following organizations.
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Generative AI Partner

Elastic is a search company. As the creators of the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash), Elastic builds self-managed and SaaS offerings that make data usable in real time and at scale for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases. Thousands of organizations worldwide, including Cisco, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, The Mayo Clinic, NASA, The New York Times, Wikipedia, and Verizon, use Elastic to power mission-critical systems. Founded in 2012, Elastic is a distributed company with Elasticians working in countries around the world. Learn more at

AI Analytics Partner

GoodData, the analytics platform loved by engineers, is out to make cloud-based analytics awesome for everyone. By harnessing the real potential of AI and automation, it empowers its customers to rapidly build data products and scale them up fast — the sky’s the limit. GoodData’s as-code philosophy helps analytics builders collaborate with code, while its intuitive drag-and-drop UI enables end users to easily derive insights from data. GoodData is on a mission to make data analytics available to every single end user, technical and non-technical alike, via real-time, self-service data insights right at the point of work.

Realtime Analytics Partner

StarTree is a cloud-based software company that enables businesses to derive and serve actionable insights from real-time and historical data to users at extreme low latency. StarTree was founded by the creators of Apache Pinot™, which currently powers hundreds of user-facing applications at companies across industries, including LinkedIn, Uber, Target, 7-Eleven, Etsy, Walmart, WePay, Factual, Weibo, and more. StarTree Cloud, a fully-managed Apache Pinot™️ service, has enabled companies like Stripe, Sovrn, Roadie,, Dialpad, Blinkit to deploy and operate real-time analytics at scale.

Streaming Data Partner

Redpanda is the streaming data platform for developers. API-compatible with Apache Kafka, Redpanda introduces a breakthrough architecture and disruptive capabilities that make it an easy, fast, scalable, and cost-effective engine of record for both real-time and historical enterprise data. Innovators like Lacework, Jump Trading, Vodafone, Moody’s, Hotels Network and Alpaca rely on Redpanda to process hundreds of terabytes of data a day. To learn more, visit

Continuous Data Partner

Upsolver is the easiest, most reliable way to ingest high volume, first-party data into the warehouse or lake. Enhancing the open Apache Iceberg table format with high-performance streaming compaction and throughput, Upsolver adapts the agile data lakehouse to modern production workloads. Developers enjoy a single observable platform for unifying streaming and historical data to power business-critical analytics and ML applications. Join us at the
Chill Data Summit to learn more.

Database Partner

Motherduck makes analytics fun, frictionless, and ducking awesome. In partnership with the team building open source database DuckDB, MotherDuck was founded by former leaders at some of the most innovative companies in data. It is on a mission to combine the elegance and speed of DuckDB with the collaboration and scalability of the cloud to provide a serverless, easy to use analytics platform for data small and large.

Data Modeling Partner is a product design and collaboration platform for data teams. Its unique approach uses conceptual data modeling techniques to help enterprises grasp their business needs and validate product ideas before committing to building complicated and costly data pipelines. Leading companies from Healthcare, and Telco, to Energy and IT, use Ellie to gather and understand their requirements fast and ensure that the data initiatives bring tangible business value. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and serves customers all over the world from Canada to New Zealand.

Gold Graph Partner

Graph Partners


Streaming Graph Partner

Knowledge Graph Partner

Open Source Partner

Graph Database Partner

Cloud Data Ops Partner

Low Code Partner

At KNIME®, we build software for fast, easy and intuitive access to advanced data science, helping organizations drive innovation. Our KNIME Analytics Platform is the leading open solution for data-driven innovation, designed for discovering the potential hidden in data, mining for fresh insights, or predicting new futures. Organizations can take their collaboration, productivity and performance to the next level with a robust range of commercial extensions to our open source platform. For over a decade, a thriving community of data scientists in over 60 countries has been working with our platform on every kind of data: from numbers to images, molecules to humans, signals to complex networks, and simple statistics to big data analytics. KNIME’s headquarters are based in Zurich, with additional offices in Konstanz, Berlin, and Austin. We’re open for innovation®, so visit us at

ETL Partner

Datavolo helps companies quickly build multimodal data pipelines for their AI models. Datavolo is created and powered by the inventors of Apache Nifi. Nifi was created at the NSA specifically to manage the challenge of moving unstructured data globally and unstructured data is at the heart of Generative AI. Nifi is used by 1000s of the largest and most secure organizations globally as their preferred platform for data pipeline orchestration. We are now harnessing the power of Nifi as a cloud native containerized managed service so companies can focus on quickly building dataflows to their AI models without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.


Visualization Partner

Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build scalable and dynamic graph and data visualization and analysis applications. Customers such as AIRBUS, Cisco Systems, Equifax, IBM, JPL, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Siemens, and Toyota use our software to automatically discover and graph hidden patterns and complex relationships. We serve clients with needs in geospatial intelligence, link analysis, network topology, maps, architectures and models. We also federate data from large, diverse sources such as Neo4j, Oracle, and others. Visit our booth to see live demonstrations or


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Partnership opportunities at Data Day Texas

2nd floor lobby, Data Day Texas 2019. A slack channel at a virtual conference is not the same as having hundreds of people pass by your booth. Data Day Texas sponsorships normally sell out three months in advance, and the best slots are taken well before that. For partnership details, send a note to

3nd floor lobby, Data Day Texas 2023. There is no "exhibit room". Sponsors are situated in high traffic areas. For partnership details, send a note to

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