The Data Day Texas Workshops

Each year, as part of Data Day Texas, we invite a few of our speakers to come a day early to give training and workshops.. We are very selective - inviting only instructors with a proven track record of effective training. There is only one section of each class. When they fill up, we can accept no more registrations.

These workshops will be held on Friday, January 24 - the day before Data Day Texas and the Global Graph Summit. Here are the workshops for 2020:

Professional Kafka Development
Instructor - Jesse Anderson

Details at:

Jesse Anderson, managing director of the Big Data Institute, will be returning as a featured speaker to Data Day Texas. This time we asked him to come a day early to offer a one day version of his Professional Kafka Development workshop for us. He agreed. Normally, this course would cost over a thousand dollars. We have negotiated a special price for the Data Day community. There will only be one section of this class. Don't miss the opportunity!

Build a graph-data application in the language of your choice
Instructor - Josh Perryman

Details at:

Quickly learn the tools for working with connected data while building a simple application. This workshop grounds you in the fundamentals of developing software to use graph databases using the development language of your choice (Java, C#, JavaScript or Python). In just half a day, you will build a working graph application with an Apache TinkerPop GLV (Gremlin Language Variant) in your desired language.


Cassandra Developer Workshop

Details at:
Cassandra engineers are coming from all over to Austin for Data Day Texas. So we asked the folks at DataStax if they would come to Austin the day before Data Day, and host a Cassandra Developer Workshop. They agreed. Use the following code for a half-price ticket: DataDay50LPAustin