Workshop: Build a graph-data application

(in the language of your choice)

Back in 2017, Josh Perryman gave a introductory graph workshop as part of Data Day Seattle. It has been one of our highest reviewed workshops. People went out of their way to look me up and tell me how much they liked it. Ever since, I've been bugging Josh to do it again... in Austin. Finally! Josh will be presenting at Data Day Texas in January and will be offering an entirely new course he created just for us. Josh does not live in Austin, so it might be awhile before we can get him to offer it again in Austin. We are sharing it with Data Day alumni before announcing it publicly next week. If you want to learn about graphs - from someone who isn't beholden to a particular vendor or technology - don't miss this opportunity.
This event is part of Data Day Texas / The Global Graph Summit 2020

Build a graph-data application - in the language of your choice


Quickly learn the tools for working with connected data while building a simple application. This workshop grounds you in the fundamentals of developing software to use graph databases using the development language of your choice (Java, C#, JavaScript or Python). In just half a day, you will build a working graph application with an Apache TinkerPop GLV (Gremlin Language Variant) in your desired language.


Laptop with wifi access (or ability to copy files from USB)
Familiarity with one of the following languages: Java, C#, JavaScript or Python
Ability to clone / copy a repository from GitHub
An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is recommended such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, NetBeans, VisualStudio, VS Code, WebStorm, though a text editor such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text can work, as can Emacs or Vim.
Ability to build tools corresponding to your selected language:
- Java: Maven, Java SDK version 8 or greater, C#: .NET SDK
- JavaScript: Node.js, Browserfy, npm,
- Python: Python 3 Distutils


About the Instructor: Josh Perryman

Josh Perryman likes to play with data. Oftentimes this is implementing proprietary algorithms closer to the data for performance or scale. Sometimes it is ad-hoc investigation and analysis, a sort of exploratory querying. A few times he’s been able to leverage his experience with data engines for dramatic performance improvements. But the real joy is designing a schema for both functionality and performance, one which increases the productivity of other developers and enables a technology to solve new problems or deliver new value to the business.
Technology isn't just data, and Josh does more than just play with data. He’s worked with high performance computing (HPC) environments, taking computations from hours to minutes or seconds. He has built visualizations which deliver new insights into complex data domains. He’s managed technology personnel, both directly and indirectly, to deliver technology solutions. Josh has put together more types of technology components, software and hardware, than can be counted, because one of his fortes is solving problems by building sustainable systems. Josh is currently Director of Product Development, Graph Solutions at VeracityID.

Graph Databases in Action: the Book

Graph Databases in Action, by Dave Bechberger and Josh Perryman, teaches you everything you need to know to begin building and running applications powered by graph databases. Right off the bat, seasoned graph database experts and authors Dave Bechberger and Josh Perryman introduce you to just enough graph theory, the graph database ecosystem, and a variety of datastores. You’ll also explore modelling basics in action with real-world examples, then go hands-on with querying, coding traversals, parsing results, and other essential tasks as you build your own graph-backed social network app complete with a recommendation engine!