The Data Day Texas 2023 Schedule

NOTE: Times and room assignments are tentative. We still have more sessions to add.

8:00 am

Registration and Morning Coffee (2nd Floor Tejas Room)

9:00 am

Opening Keynote Zhamak Dehghani : TBA - 3rd Floor - Salon C

10:00 am

NEW Brandon Baylor / James Hansen - (Chevron) : Beyond process safety: expanding assurance capabilities and guaranteeing system safety with mathematics - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
Data Engineering Keynote Adi Polak : Engineering Data Systems for the next 10 years of growth - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Jike Chong / Yue Cathy Chang : Data Professional's Career: Techniques to Practice Rigor and Avoid Ten Mistakes - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Sanghamitra Deb - (Chegg) : Computer Vision Landscape at Chegg: Present and Future - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Healthcare AI Keynote Andrew Nguyen : AI in Healthcare : Opportunities Amid Landmines - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Patrick McFadin : Cassandra on ACID: this changes everything - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Hala Nelson : How Math Simplifies AI - 1st Floor - Classroom 104
90 minute workshop Heather Hedden (Semantic Web Company/PoolParty) : Intro to Taxonomy - 1st Floor - Classroom 105
90 minute workshop Sean Robinson - (Graphable) : Introduction to Graph Data Science for Python Developers - 1st Floor - Classroom 106

10:50 am

NEW Ryan Wisnesky - (Conexus) : Computational Trinitarianism - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
Database Keynote Gwen Shapira : Things databases don’t do - but should! - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Andy Petrella : How to automate data monitoring to support a scaling data strategy - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Ying Ding - (University of Texas) : Biomedical Knowledge Graph to Power Better AI in Health - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Geospatial Keynote Bonny McClain : "one ant , one bird, one tree"... - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Artem Chebotko : Database Schema Optimization in Apache Cassandra - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Brent Schneeman : Bigger Data beats Better Math, No Question - 1st Floor - Classroom 104

11:40 am

Data Quality Keynote Chad Sanderson (Data Quality Camp) : Data Contracts - Accountable Data Quality - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Arvind Prabhakar - (StreamSets) : A DataOps Approach to Global Data Observability - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Will Lyon - (Neo4j) : TBA (geospatial) - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
David Hughes (Graphable) : Clinical trials exploration: surfacing a clinical application from a larger Bio-Pharma KnowledgeGraph - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
ChatGPT Keynote Jans Aasman (Franz Inc.) : Neuro-Symbolic Story Extraction from Natural Language - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Jeffrey Carpenter : Why your database needs an API - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Michael Berthold : Towards Data Science Design Patterns - 1st Floor - Classroom 104
workshop Heather Hedden (Semantic Web Company/PoolParty) : Intro to Taxonomy Part 2: Taxonomy Creation Deep Dive - 1st Floor - Classroom 105
Corey Lanum : Graphing without the database - creating graphs from relational databases - 1st Floor - Classroom 106

12:20 pm

Main Lunch - Tejas Room (2nd floor)
Chat GPT Lunch -Carillon Restaurant (AT&T Hotel)
Kubernetes CloudNative Lunch - Conference Room 107 (first floor)
Health Data/AI Lunch -Carillon Restaurant (AT&T Hotel)
Taxonomy / Ontology Lunch - Conference Room 108 (first floor)


NEW Santona Tuli - (Upsolver) : Authoring unified batch and streaming workflows - 2nd Floor - Classroom 201
Graph Analytics Justin Fine (Katana Graph) : Augmenting Fraud Protection Pipelines At Scale Using Graph Analytics and AI Features - 1st Floor - Classroom 104
NLP Keynote John Bohannon (Primer AI) : Data Demonology - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Dean Wampler (IBM) : Reinforcement Learning with Ray RLlib - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Alex Merced - (Dremio) : Apache Iceberg: An Architectural Look Under the Covers - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
Tomás Sabat - (Vaticle) : Enabling the Computational Future of Biology - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Metadata Keynote Shirshanka Das - (Acryl Data) : In Search of the Control Plane for Data - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Aaron Ploetz - (DataStax) : Real-Time Recommendations with Graph and Event Streaming - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
90 minute workshop Michael Uschold (Semantic Arts) : Introduction to Ontology - 1st Floor - Classroom 105
90 minute workshop Will Lyon (Neo4j) : Hands-On Introduction To GraphQL For Data Scientists & Developers - 1st Floor - Classroom 106


NEW Chris Tabb - (Leit Data) : The Modern Data Stack Evolution - 2023 will be the year of consolidation - 2nd Floor - Classroom 201
Data Lakehouse Keynote Bill Inmon : Turning your Data Lake into an Asset - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Zac Carrico (Freenome) : Lessons learned adopting Ray - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Alex Merced - (Dremio) : Apache Iceberg and the Right to Be Forgotten - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
Max De Marzi : Outrageous Ideas for Graph Databases - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Holden Karau : Metaprogramming — making easy problems hard enough to get promoted (w/ Spark & Friends) - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Tim Berglund : An Introduction to Apache Pinot - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Weidong Yang : Artistic Processing: the Untapped Power of Data Visualization - 1st Floor - Room 104


Jonathan Mugan : How to build someone we can talk to - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Jike Chong / Yue Cathy Chang : For the overwhelmed data professionals: What to do when there is so much to do? - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Tomás Sabat (Vaticle) : What You Can't do With Graph Databases - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Bill Inmon : The Architected Cloud Environment - 2nd Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Jeff Carpenter / Patrick McFadin (DataStax) : Your data infrastructure will be in Kubernetes - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Janet Six (Tom Sawyer) : Visualizing Connected Data as It Evolves Over Time - 1st Floor - Classroom 104
Dave McComb (Semantic Arts) : Zero-copy integration - 1st Floor - Classroom 105


Afternoon Break
Open Bar and Espresso - Tejas Room (2nd floor)
Open Bar - 3rd Floor Lounge


Joey Jablonski (Pythian): Building MLOps Organizations for Scale - 3rd Floor - Salon C
Ryan Boyd (MotherDuck): Your laptop is faster than your data warehouse. Why wait for the cloud? (DuckDB) - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E
Paige Roberts : Build your analytics architecture for performance and growth on a budget - 2nd Floor - Classroom 202
Sivaram Arabandi (Ontopro) : Ontology in Healthcare: a survey - 2nd Floor - Classroom 203
Juan Sequeda ( Show me the money: Practical tips for data teams to show ROI - 2st Floor - Amphitheatre 204
TBA - 1st Floor - Classroom 103
Janet Six (Tom Sawyer): Where Is the Graph? Best practices for extracting data from unstructured data sources for effective visualization and analysis - 1st Floor - Room 104

Scott Fincher . Dashiell Brookhart (KNIME) : Escaping Excel Hell - Break Free From Old Patterns with KNIME - 1st Floor - Classroom 106


Author Meet and Greet Heather Hedden : The Accidental Taxonomist - 3rd Floor - Salon AB
Max De Marzi : TBA (RageDB) - 3rd Floor - Salon D/E

Joe and Matt show Joe Reis / Matt Housley 2st Floor - Amphitheatre 204
Happy hour beverages courtesy of Upsolver
We were initially going to give a closing keynote talk on the Fundamentals of Data Engineering, a very popular discussion and book worldwide. We don’t want to bore you. You’re part of an elite group, and you’ve been in talks all day. You might also be bored out of your mind with yet another talk.
Since y’all are getting drinks and chatting on the patio (we get it, it’s been a long day) - we decided to make a last-minute change. This talk is about YOU.
We will do what we do best - ask smart people like you some hard questions. Our topic for the conversation is the “state of the data industry in 2023.” Join us, drinks in hand, and offer your candid and unfiltered perspective. The conversation will be one for the ages!
The profession in a rapidly changing economy
Trends in 2023 and beyond
The maturity of the data profession
What can we do better?
How it will go.
We’ll start off by doing a short version of our FoDE talk, talk about the major evolution of the data engineering lifecycle, then open the topics discussion up to the audience. We’ll highlight the speakers, since this feels like a Hall of Fame group we’ve got assembled.


Post Conference Happy Hour / Meet and Greet - if there is any liquor left.