MLOps at Data Day Texas

We are still confirming speakers for the MLOps track at Data Day Texas. For a list of all Data Day Texas presenters, visit the Speakers page.

Amy Hodler (Kettle Falls, Washington) @amyhodler

Amy Hodler is the AI evangelist for Fidder Labs, educating data scientists on the use of continuous monitoring for accuracy and bias as well as creating more explainable ML and ultimately more trustworthy AI. Previously, she was AI and Graph Analytics Program Manager at Neo4j, where she promoted the use of graph analytics to reveal structures within real-world networks and predict dynamic behavior. Amy is the co-author of the O’Reilly book, Graph Algorithms: Practical Examples in Apache Spark and Neo4j, co-author of Knowledge Graphs: Data in Context for Responsive Businesses, and a contributor to the upcoming book, AI on Trial.
Amy will host the following two sessions:
- Continuous ML Improvement: Automated Monitoring with Built-In Explainability
- 4 Types of ML Drift and How to Catch Them (Or “Why your AI is wrong, eventually”)

In addition, Amy will be hosting a lunch time birds of a feather meetup.

Milecia McGregor (Tulsa) @flippedcoding

Milecia McGregor is a senior software engineer that's worked with JavaScript, Angular, React, Node, PHP, Python, .NET, SQL, AWS, Heroku, Azure, and many other tools to build web apps. She also has a master's degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering and has published research in machine learning and robotics. She started Flipped Coding in 2017 to help people learn web development with real-world projects and she publishes articles covering all aspects of software on several publications, including freeCodeCamp. She also travels around the world speaking at tech conferences about various software engineering topics ranging from machine learning, PWAs, and managing a career in tech.

Jennifer Prendki (San Francisco) @jlprendki

Jennifer Prendki is the founder and CEO of Alectio and has spent a large part of her career promoting the importance of creating a better approach to Machine Learning Lifecycle Management. Her current focus is on helping ML teams build better models with less data. Prior to founding Alectio, she was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, one of the industry leader in data labeling (recently acquired by Appen); she also headed Machine Learning at Atlassian and various Data Science initiatives on the Search team at Walmart Labs. She is also known for her active support of women in STEM and Technology.

Paige Roberts (Austin) @RobertsPaige

With two decades in the data management industry, Paige Roberts (Linkedin), has worked as an engineer, a trainer, a marketer, a product manager, and a consultant. Now, as Open Source Relations Manager at Vertica, she promotes understanding MPP data processing, open source, and how the analytics revolution is changing the world. Paige is contributor to the upcoming O'Reilly publication 97 Things Every Engineer Should know.
Paige is a total geek who is into role-playing games, LARP’ing in the SCA, Doctor Who, superheroes, space exploration, comics, Tolkien, etc. Paige writes and publishes fantasy and science fiction stories under her maiden name Paige E. Ewing. She won the Kennedy Space Center’s global Space Apps Challenge three years ago for coming up with an idea for growing food on Mars, And she's a pretty mean shot with a recurve, crossbow, or long bow.
Paige will host the following MLOps session: Shortcut MLOps with In-Database Machine Learning.