Confirmed Graph Sessions

We are now just beginning to announce the sessions. Please check back for updates. If you would like to speak at the Global Graph Summit, visit our proposals page for details.

NuGraphStore: a Transactional Graph Store Backend for JanusGraph

Dr. Jun Li / Dr. Mohammad Roohitavaf / Dr. Gene Zhang - eBay

JanusGraph is a distributed graph database system with pluggable storage backend servers, such as Cassandra, HBase, or BerkeleyDB (which is non-scale-out). There were no fully transactional scale-out backends for JanusGraph. Without transaction support, there would be challenges for applications to deal with index/data inconsistency, and inconsistency related to vertices and edges, such as dangling edges, as well as data loss or data duplication. We have been developing a scale-out KCV storage engine with distributed transaction support for JanusGraph, called NuGraphStore. In this talk, we will present the architecture and design of NuGraphStore, its storage engine and distributed transaction mechanisms. NuGraphStore is (going to be) open-sourced under Apache 2.0 license. We invite interested developers and users to join the community to make NuGraphStore the best backend storage engine for JanusGraph. Its distributed transaction protocol could be adapted for use with other KV store engines as well.