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Data Day Texas and the Global Graph Summit are possible because of the generous support from the following organizations:


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Tom Sawyer Software is the leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to build scalable and dynamic graph and data visualization and analysis applications. Customers such as AIRBUS, Cisco Systems, Equifax, IBM, JPL, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Siemens, and Toyota use our software to automatically discover and graph hidden patterns and complex relationships. We serve clients with needs in geospatial intelligence, link analysis, network topology, maps, architectures and models. We also federate data from large, diverse sources such as Neo4j, Oracle, and others. Visit our booth to see live demonstrations or


Waterloo Data is an Austin based data management consulting firm that specializes in delivering data warehouse, business intelligence, master data management, and data science capabilities to help organizations outperform their competition. We are vendor agnostic and work with all the major tools and platforms. Typical engagements include data strategy development, vendor assessments, enterprise data warehouse development, dashboard and report development, and applying machine learning for advanced analytics. Learn more at


Graph Showcase Sponsors is the modern catalog for data and analysis. Choose to activate the hidden data workforce within your enterprise, multiply your data’s value, and create a data-driven culture—faster. The data catalog unites and classifies your data, metadata, and analysis—no matter where it lives. The modern, intuitive user experience brings together employees of all roles, backgrounds, and skills to collaborate using the tools they already love. And the knowledge graph keeps data connected to everything people need to find, understand, and use it. As a result, your data, analysis, and expertise become more discoverable, trustworthy, and reusable.


Aside from its cutting-edge Hume NLP/ML/Knowledge Graph software platform, GraphAware is also the world’s #1 Neo4j consultancy, delivering Neo4j value to such worldwide names as LinkedIn, the World Economic Forum, Schibsted Media Group, and others. GraphAware offers expertise at all stages for projects that use or are considering using Neo4j, NLP, AI, Elasticsearch and more- including graph model validation, architecture, implementation, performance tuning, training and beyond.


Sponsorship opportunities at Data Day Texas

Karin Wolek summons the magic at the Neo4j exhibit. With attendees and speakers coming from around the world, there is no better place to engage the graph community than the Global Graph Summit at Data Day Texas.


Sponsors are placed in high traffic areas, and the early birds get the best spaces. For sponsorship details and a prospectus, contact us at:


Gold and platinum exhibit spaces are available outside the main ballroom. These go fast. For sponsorship details and a prospectus, contact us at:


Our conferences always end with a post-conference happy hour / meet and greet. It's a great place to follow up with new friends and continue hallway conversations. For sponsorship details and a prospectus, contact us at:


ArangoDB at the Global Graph Summit 2019.


Leo Meyerovich demonstrating Graphistry at the Global Graph Summit 2019