Introducing ... Graph Camp!

For Data Day Texas / Graph Day 2025, we are launching a new satellite event: Graph Camp!.

What is Graph Camp? Taking inspiration from O'Reilly's Foo Camp and the early Barcamps, Graph Camp will be part Unconference, part lightning talks, part hackathon, part birds-of-a-feather sessions. It will likely be chaotic, and hopefully beautiful.

Why Graph Camp?

People come from around the world for Graph Day at Data Day Texas. Since 2016, we've been hosting multiple tracks of graph-related sessions, but we've been wanting to provide the type of opportunities that work best when people gather together in person.
We will still have graph sessions all day Saturday, and Amy Hodler of Graph Geeks will be hosting the Graph Party on Saturday night.
Now with Graph Camp on Sunday, there will be opportunities to gather in somewhat adhoc self-organizing fashion to exchange ideas, share new projects, argue about GQL, and whatever else emerges.
Graph Camp will be open to all attendees of Data Day Texas.
Super Early Bird tickets are available at Eventbrite.

Details forthcoming.

David Hughes of Graphable, Amy Hodler of Graph Geeks, Michelle Yi, Marko Budiselić of MemGraph, and Weimo Liu of PuppyGraph. You can view presentations online, but adhoc conversations like this only happen in person.

Alex Law
, Clair Sullivan, and Amy Hodler at the Graph Geeks Launch Party