In January 2020, Data Day Texas hosted the first industry-focused Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning track. We're bringing it back for 2021, and once again, Dr. Robert Munro, author of Human in the Loop Machine Learning, will curate the track. Call for proposals opens soon.

Human in the Loop at Data Day Texas 2021

Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning tackles one of the most problems in technology today: how do people and machines interact to solve problems together. Probably 90% of Machine Learning applications today are powered by Supervised Machine Learning. This covers a wide range of use cases: an autonomous vehicle can drive you safely down the street because humans have spent thousands of hours telling it when its sensors are seeing a ‘pedestrian’, ‘moving vehicle’, ‘lane marking’, and every other relevant object; your in-home device knows what to do when you say ‘turn up the volume’, because humans have spent thousands of hours telling it how to interpret different commands; and your Machine Translation service can translate between languages because it has been trained on thousands (or maybe millions) of human-translated texts. The Human in the Loop track at Data Day Texas 2021 will once again feature the leading practitioners from around the world. Buy your Data Day ticket early and take advantage of early bird discounts.

Highlights from 2020 HitL Track

Jennifer Prendki, founder and CEO of Alectio, presented the following session: Cost-Optimized Data Labeling Strategy (slides).


Dr. Anna Lisa Gentile (LinkedIn), Researcher at IBM Research Almaden, presented the following session: Information Extraction with Humans in the Loop.


Robert Munro (LinkedIn) presented the track keynote: Human Centered Machine Learning.


Brad Klingenberg, Chief Algorithms Officer at Stitch Fix, presented the featured session: Humans, machines and disagreement: Lessons from production at Stitch Fix.


Our generous friends at iMerit sponsored the Human in the Loop Lounge.