Workshops at Data Day Texas

As part of Data Day Texas 2018, we have asked several of the speakers to come a day early and offer workshops. These are standalone workshops separate from Data Day Seattle. You do not have to have a ticket to Data Day, in order to sign up for these workshops. We are well familiar with the instructors for these workshops and endorse them without reservation.

Hands-on Introduction to NLP with TensorFlow

This class will teach you how to do natural language processing with deep learning in TensorFlow. We will start at the beginning with getting TensorFlow running on simple computations. We will explore the structure of the TensorFlow GitHub code so that you can understand it right from the source. From this beginning, we will explore applications such as learning word vectors, language models with recurrent neural networks, and text classification with convolutional neural networks. We will also cover a codebase that allows you to create powerful sequence-to-sequence models for machine translation and other tasks. And we will introduce the tensor2tensor codebase, which is a powerful generalization on the sequence-to-sequence framework. In addition to covering TensorFlow, we will teach you how to use TensorBoard to visualize both your computations and results.
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