Human in the Loop at Data Day Texas

Wikipedia defines Human in the Loop (HITH) as a model that requires human interaction. HITL is associated with modeling and simulation (M&S) in the live, virtual, and constructive taxonomy. HITL models may conform to human factors requirements as in the case of a mockup. In this type of simulation a human is always part of the simulation and consequently influences the outcome in such a way that is difficult if not impossible to reproduce exactly. HITL also readily allows for the identification of problems and requirements that may not be easily identified by other means of simulation.

For 2020, Dr. Robert Munro, author of the upcoming Manning publication Human in the Loop Machine Learning, will keynote a track of talks focused on Human in the Loop.

Confirmed Human in the Loop sessions include:

Information Extraction with Humans in the Loop: Dr. Anna Lisa Gentile - IBM Research Almaden

Human Centered Machine Learning: Robert Munro - Author / Serial Founder

Cost-Optimized Data Labeling Strategy: Jennifer Prendki - Alectio

Adding a Machine to the Loop: What if the Loop began with Humans? : Brent Schneeman - Alegion

Human in the Loop Speakers:

Anna Lisa Gentile (San Jose ) @anligentile

Dr. Anna Lisa Gentile (LinkedIn) is a Researcher at IBM Research Almaden. Her research is principally focused on studying methods and techniques for semantic annotating unstructured and semi-structured content. Her main Research Areas are Information Extraction (IE), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Semantic Web. She obtained her PhD with a thesis on Named Entity Disambiguation at the University of Bari, Italy in 2010. She has published more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific publications including papers at major venues such as LREC, EMNLP, ESWC and ISWC. She has been serving as Organizing Committee member for conferences such as ISWC, ESWC, WWW amongst many others and organized workshop series such as LD4IE on Linked Data for Information Extraction and HumBL on Augmenting Intelligence with Bias-Aware Humans- in-the-Loop.
Dr. Gentile will present the following Human in the Loop session: Information Extraction with Humans in the Loop.

Human in the Loop Keynote
Robert Munro (San Francisco ) @WWRob

Robert Munro (LinkedIn) is an expert in combining Human and Machine Intelligence, working with Machine Learning approaches to Text, Speech, Image and Video Processing. Robert has founded several AI companies, building some of the top teams in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked in many diverse environments, from Sierra Leone, Haiti and the Amazon, to London, Sydney and Silicon Valley, in organizations ranging from startups to the United Nations. In addition to publishing more than 50 papers, Robert is the author of the upcoming Manning publication Human in the Loop Machine Learning. He has a PhD from Stanford University.
Rob will present the following Human in the Loop keynote: Human Centered Machine Learning.

Jennifer Prendki (San Francisco) @jlprendki

Jennifer Prendki is the founder and CEO of Alectio and has spent a large part of her career promoting the importance of creating a better approach to Machine Learning Lifecycle Management. Her current focus is on helping ML teams build better models with less data. Prior to founding Alectio, she was the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, one of the industry leader in data labeling (recently acquired by Appen); she also headed Machine Learning at Atlassian and various Data Science initiatives on the Search team at Walmart Labs. She is also known for her active support of women in STEM and Technology.
Jennifer will present the following Human in the Loop session: Cost-Optimized Data Labeling Strategy.

Brent Schneeman (Austin) @schnee

Brent Schneeman swipes right for science and seeks to strengthen the scientific method muscle in whatever group he finds himself. Operating from a “lead by example” mindset, Brent frequently rolls up his sleeves and writes code to help bring predictive models to business problems. Passionate about building great teams and cultures, he’s pretty sure that a “servant leadership” posture is the right posture in his personal and professional lives.
Professionally, he tends to look after teams of data- and machine-learning-oriented contributors (analysts, scientists, and engineers) who collaborate on diverse sets of machine learning projects such as continuous optimization, customer customer churn prediction, fraud detection, and applying diverse techniques to unstructured data. Brent has worked at Vrbo, PayPal, Visa, and other small- and large-companies in individual contributor or management roles, mostly in product development organizations. He currently is attempting to make the world safe for machine learning with Alegion.
A storyteller, Brent has presented at the UT McCombs School, South By Southwest, NLP Day, multiple Data Days, and various meetups. He has one degree in Mathematics and another in Electrical Engineering and lives in Austin Texas with his wife, three kids, two cats and one dog. While he spends most of his free time mowing the lawn, he enjoys making photographs, running around downtown, and occasionally tries to make sense of neural network architectures.
Brent will present the following Human in the Loop session: Adding a Machine to the Loop: What if the Loop began with Humans?.

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