Speak at the Global Graph Summit

Take advantage of our discount rooms at the conference hotel.

The Graph Day / Global Graph Summit speakers afterparty.


The Global Graph Summit welcomes submissions on graph related topics such as:

OpenCypher • GQL • GraphQL • Gremlin • Linked Data • Knowledge Graphs • OWL • RDF • SPARQL • TinkerPop

We also welcome submissions utilizing open-source tools such as:

AllegroGraph • Amazon Neptune • AnzoGraph • ArangoDB • Azure CosmosDB • DataStax Enterprise • Keylines • Linkurious • Neo4j • OrientDB

Austin has some of the best barbecue in the world, and there's always more barbeque waiting for speakers in the Presidential Suite.


Presentation Format

We welcome submissions in the following formats:
Talk (40 minutes)
Hands-on workshop (90 minutes)
Tutorial (90 minutes, no coding)
Half Day Hands-on Training (3 hours)

Cory Lanum of Cambridge Intelligence speaking at the Global Graph Summit. 90 minute sessions are held in tiered classrooms - available in multiple sizes. Charger not needed. There are outlets at every seat. Got an idea for a mini-workshop? Send us a proposal.


Submission Guidelines

Proposals should include:
1) Proposed Title
2) Abstract
3) Intended audience
4) Level of difficulty
5) Technical skills and concepts required
6) Speaker Biography
7) links to previous talks/videos (required - videos preferred)

We do not accept product or service pitches - or talks which appear to be so.
Preference is given for original presentations not previously offered elsewhere.
Once a talk has been approved, we do not accept speaker substitutions.

If you're ready....


We open the presidential suite of the AT&T during the week of the conference as the official green room for speakers. The patio is larger than most San Francisco apartments, and the bar is always open. Send us a proposal.